Munich Pride Festival

Let's debrief!

Okay, so after a 24hr trip and a 16 hr 'recovery nap' I am finally feeling human again.

Here is a snap of my headline show in Munich, Germany for Christopher Street Day or "Pride Festival" as they call it.

What an amazing show. Those Germans sure know how to party!

Show day - This was massive

10am: Sound check and tech run with my dancers

10:30: Rehearsal with my dancers

3:00pm: Rehearsal with the 'Rainbow Choir' who performed True Colours (dedicated to the Orlando Victims). and they were INSANE!

6:00pm: Sound Check for the after party show

7:00pm: Get ready for the main show (call time was 8:15pm)

The show was insane, the energy was off the scale and the crowd was so receptive. We even had a little impromptu Beyonce sing-a-long at one point. All however-many-thousand of them haha. Oh - heres me taking a selfie, Obviously that was bound to happen. Refer to @lukeantonyp on instgram :P

My favourite moment of the day though, would have to have been at the after party for my second performance. I remember standing there (like juliet on her balcony) busting out 'Ain't nobody, loves me better, makes me happy...." you get the idea. Anyway, I remember looking over the balcony and seeing thousands of people staring up at me and just chanting out the lyrics of the song. There are some moments in your career that you will remember forever, THIS was one of those moments. See pics below:

I Loved being able to share my new single Separate Ways with Munich, and I was honoured to partner up with Christopher Street Day and release the single as a charity single/theme song for the event where 50% of record sales will go back to CSD.

If you haven't yet, please check out the music video for Separate Ways and get it on your Spotify playlist/itunes ASAP!


LA x

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